All orders placed before 5:00 pm Central Standard Time (Mexico) from Monday to Wednesday are shipped the next day. Orders placed from Thursday to Sunday are sent on Monday.

From late spring to late August, we will have to ship using insulating material and ice packs. If the weather conditions are extremely high at some point on the transit route (35 °C or more) we can cancel your order.

We will contact you if we need to delay or cancel your order for any reason. Please verify that your contact information is correct.

If the shipping information you provided is not recognizable by any of our parcel service providers, we are released from liability for wrong deliveries or packages returned to us. If the package is returned to us or is not received by a recipient, you will need to pay for the re-shipment of the package.

Keep in a cool and dry place that does not exceed 22 ° C. Not refrigerate.