"One of the reasons chocolate tastes different from place to place and from company to company are the ingredients added to the cacao beans during the cooking process. Cuna de Piedra flavors their chocolate with hibiscus and mezcal, forming a sweet and smoky flavor worthy of  any chocolate connoisseur..."


Take A Journey Through The Sweet Taste Of Chocolate

by Michael Alpiner
April 27, 2020

"Some of the more memorable international flavors included intense black jaggery and green mango Naga chili from Mumbai's La Folie and an exquisite whisky dark chocolate from The Chocolate Tree in Edinburgh. Mexico's Cuna de Piedra flavors chocolate bars with mezcal while Lithuania's Chocolate Naive infuses chocolate with foraged porcini mushrooms or kefir..."


Tasting Notes From San Francisco's First Craft Chocolate Experience

by Amber Gibson
March 16, 2020

"Cuna de Piedra exists thanks to a group of people who joined  because they shared the same principles and goals. Is a homage to Mexico, to Mexican cacao and to all the people who are part of the process."

The Dieline

Mexican Chocolate Cuna De Piedra Leaves The Middleman Out Of Chocolate Making

by Jessica Deseo
Jan 15, 2020

“Both Europe and North America are too cold to produce cacao, and yet, the Euro-American palate has assumed total control over what chocolate tastes like. Mexican chocolate company Cuna de Piedra is attempting to change that. Instead of going for the sweet and creamy qualities forced on chocolate by the Swiss and Spanish, Cuna de Piedra flavors their chocolate with hibiscus and mezcal. Their chocolates would make the eternally closed stone mouth of an Olmec head suddenly lick its lips...”

The Stranger

I Can't Stop Thinking About the Northwest Chocolate Festival

by David Lewis
Nov 17, 2019